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Benoist Workshop - Ateliers Benoist Benoist workshop represent the greatest French part of the inheritance in term of decorations fixed under glass. Their work, lasting three generations , was completed between the years 1860 and 1935. The company employed an installer, a painter for letters, an apprentice, a florist, a" maroufleur", a landscape designer, a gilder and a decorator. Other workshops worked in the same field , they all stopped their activity in the Thirties, twentieth century.
Eglomisation : Action to decorate a glass object by means of an interior gilding. Encyclopedia: Some museums, among them the Vatican Christian museum , the museo Civico of Turin, and rare collections have fragments of Roman wine glass eglomized. The broken glass merchants who lived in Transtevere Martial time, 2nd century, sought them to extract gold from it. Eglomisation was made by fixing a thin gold sheet under the bottom of the wine glass, probably using a glue, then a drawing was made, and all that was apart from the picture was removed; the sheet was then engraved with a point which expressed the interior details; a layer of glass beads was then deposited, with a brush , undoubtedly, over the sheet of gold, was dried, then heated to melting point in a furnace, that's why the drawing remained fixed and inalterable between two blades of glass. At the 13th century end , glass plates made with a cold process were used for the decoration of civil and religious pieces of furniture. In general, in furnishing language , glass or crystal are known as "églomisé" when painting or gilding are applied on the reverse of an object and are seen through the thickness of glass or crystal. There is, inVenice glassmaking, beautiful eglomized parts. Were also called eglomized glass, at the 19th century beginning, the glass being used to frame the prints, and covered, inside the framework, of threads of gold and a broad black band being used as edge for the print or the framed drawing.
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