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A highly prized decorator As often the old ones say : with time, the traditional skills are lost. Fortunately, there are still some "Companions of The Tradition of France" to perpetuate the handicraft industry. Lucien Helle, decorator his among them. He is today the only one in Europe to control the technique of eglomized glass! Thanks to him, this process at the origin of the most beautiful shop fronts of Paris in the 1900 era, found back their nobility. Portrait. If you happen to walk in the district of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Paris, stop by at the 21th Bonaparte street. It is an exquisite address for the gourmets, but also for the art lovers. Indeed, at Ladurée, not only you can taste succulent pastry, but you can also admire a splendid store front. The interior is signed by a great artist of the Etampes area. Lucien Helle, decorator , is indeed the only "compagnon de france" to have unhearted the secret of the gold leaf fixed under glass technique . Some prestigious shops offers blazing ornaments "eglomized". This technique, which goes up to Antiquity consists in fixing a thin silver or Gold leaf under glass. Jean-Baptiste Glomy, king Louis XVI picture framer ,used much this process for mirrors and Marie-Antoinette piers-glass . The term eglomized comes besides from Glomy. With this technique, creations of silver or gold ,12 and 24 carats letters is possible.It also permit to put painting under glass. It's called "marouflage". In the early 20th century, this process was very fashionable to decorate the front shops. In addition to their beauty, these signs, made with glass, had the advantage of being resistant and were easy to clean. That explains their longevity and, many now are recognised or protected by the Historic buildings organism " Explains Lucien Helle. Since 1935, Unfortunately "eglomized" glass became out of fashion. The artists stopped using this technique , which explained why it. After several years of research, Lucien Helle, graphic designer, lacquerer and gilder , a passionate artist, started again the concept in 1975. In 2000 , he won the first prize for his discoveries and its mastering of this art at the International exhibit of Cultural and Inheritance in the Carousel of the Louvre . Since then, he's very solicitated to create prestigious signs, in France or abroad. He also frequently works for the cinema and television. He created the store shop front of Mr Batignole fot the movie of Gerard Jugnot in 2001. Previously, at Thierry Sabine request, he also created for the Paris Dakar departure ,in 1986, a 42 meters long "trompe-l'oeil" , exposed at the Convention center . He also works with Venice jewellers and craftsmen , among them the renoun Stefano Poletti. Selected by the Room of Trades and the regional Council of Ile de France. Lucien Helle should join the 54 Art Masters list, at the request of the Culture ministry . That deserved a tip of the hat.
Or fixé sous verre - églomisé - eglomise - Feuille d’or - Feuille d’or sur verre - Décorateur - Panneaux décors - Paris - enseignes
Creation of decorating panels - decoration - gold sheet on glass - eglomized glass Shops and stores design - gilding - signs - traditional workmanship realization
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