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A decorator who create with gold Lucien Helle does without business card. Universally known, he belongs to these persons with international renoun. Born in Paris, he knows well the mysterious street mazes , he still likes to wander about to find these small things which make the heart of a city, he's curious and he's always seeking to sublimate the objects of character, Lucien Helle is now living a life he could have built the decors. Lacquerer, graphic designer, painter and decorator, a true one he insist - is due to its world travelling, 35 years of international art curiosity . Since he was exactly twenty years old, he began his researchs. "I was born in the capital and I saw the beautiful Paris destroyed between the Sixties and the Seventies. I was interested in inheritance revalorization and especially in a XVIIIème century technique used as a basis for the superb work of small jewels creation." Quest for secrecies LThis ability is royal, in all meanings. It holds in an unusual word: "eglomized". Name for Glomy, king Louis XVI picture framer , who produced small gold mirrors, called piers, for Marie-Antoinette. "After the Revolution, the Companions could'nt find enough work using this art form. The practice quickly vanished. Brought back in 1870 by Benoist, it last three generations, up until 1935. They are at the origin, in France, of all the splendid frontages and interior of multiple stores, using gold leaf. These were the start for an art form I wanted to find. My quest for secrecies. In 1976, installing its workshop in Montparnasse, Lucien Helle never stopped working his knowledge. Leaf after leaf, patiently, tirelessly, he tried. In 1977, he knew that he made a break through that will opens all doors. "I work only noble materials, gold, copper, oak as bases for my concepts. I find the gold leaf from specialized wholesalers in Paris". From now on, the decorator who "enlumine" for better illumination of the projects, meets internationally impassioned "elitists" , a world where there's no room for amateurism. To light gold "I start by meeting my customers to have an idea of what they want, to feel the environment, the "ambiance", the space, the light, of a store or a place. I create according to all these parameters and concept. Work is done on the glass back, with a technique of fixation called " à la française". I apply the gold leaf with a technique that gives lighting to gold. Being on site is a necessity of course! Movie Decorations for Gerard Jugnot "Mr Batignole", realization of a 42 meters desert "trompe-l'oeil" in plywood on the scene of the Convention Center in Paris for Thierry Sabine and Paris-Dakar. As superb was a Parisian bakeries the “Moulin de la Vierge” "Mill of the Virgin". Actually A big project is in progress with a great restoration world group in the United States. Lucien Helle is on all lists of personalities and artists he worked for. One month ago, the decorator put the final touch of a project for two stores "A Casa Napoleon" at Porticcio, on the southern shore of the Ajaccio gulf , and in the imperial city, street Fesch. "I always work with traditional styles, XVIIIème, XIXème, Victorien, Empire. Here, I designed the stores in a First Empire style for Charles Antona. We have been working together for a year on this idea. We met when I exposed in Lyon. My work interested the Corsicans. My research also take in account the respect of environment. In no way y would do anything". Winning a first European prize from the international exhibit of the Louvre in November 2000, a recognition internationaly renowned, for products of luxury, top-of-the-range stores or billiards room for some fortunate customer. Lucien Helle lives for art. In his workshop, installed today in Etampes, Essonne, France, the decorator-creator, "companion of the Tradition", works his dreams with the finest gold leaves. He creates in the calm intimacy of silence.
Or fixé sous verre - églomisé - eglomise - Feuille d’or - Feuille d’or sur verre - Décorateur - Panneaux décors - Paris - enseignes
Moulin de la vierge - Monsieur batignole - CAsa Napoléon - Epicerie DA rosa - Ladurée - Restaurant Montéfiori - Hôtel du lion - Hôtel élysées matignon
Creation of decorating panels - decoration - gold sheet on glass - eglomized glass Shops and stores design - gilding - signs - traditional workmanship realization
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